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Lancaster Capital is an early stage equity investment fund based in Scotland

  • People with Ideas

    We invest in people with exciting ideas for new businesses. We invest alongside such people by way of equity in the companies they start up. It's the simplest of co-operations – we enable money and these exciting business ideas to come together to create successful enterprises and wealth.

  • New Technology

    We prefer to invest in new and protected technology which will perform some useful function. It will be important to us that the company we invest in does own that technology. Naturally, we favour new businesses with high growth potential.

  • Private Fund

    Lancaster Capital is a private fund and not an angel syndicate. We act however as a hub for a number of like minded private investors most of whom have had substantial success in building their own businesses. Our singular aim when investing together is to make good equity investments.

  • Exciting Plans

    So, if you do have exciting plans for a new or recently started business that you believe would interest us your first step is to provide us with a brief written description of what these plans are. Use the email address in our Contact section. You will receive a prompt acknowledgement and confidentiality commitment.

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